Kit of equipment 2

Oxygen concentrator "ARMED" 9F-3BW
+ Ozone synthesizer А-с-ГОКСФ-5-04 «OZON»

Those who have completed training in ozone therapy on the basis of the Center Successful People within a month after training are given a 5% discount on equipment, components and literature on ozone therapy.
The cost of a set with your discount is 1.976 euro.
After paying for the training course, you will receive a promotional code for a discount.
Enter and activate your promotional code in the shopping cart when placing an order.
The promo code applies only to the amount of goods. The discount does not apply to delivery.
The promo code is valid for a month from the date you start your training.

Kit cost: 1980 euro

Cost by promo code: 1881 euro

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