Ozone therapy

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Why is it worth studying with us?
Learning experience
Our teachers are the country's leading specialists in the field of ozone therapy with almost 25 years of experience, who were at the forefront of ozone therapy in Russia and their team of highly qualified specialists - ozone therapists.
State Certificate
At the end of the cycle, a certificate (in English) of the Volga Research Medical University is issued, which is a legitimate document for medical licensing.
Theory and practice
In the learning process, considerable time is devoted to practical exercises with mastering work on ozone-therapeutic equipment and carrying out procedures. In addition to the video course, students receive in electronic form methodological material (in English) throughout the entire course.
Equipment for work
You have the opportunity after training to purchase the necessary equipment and supplies at a discount. Warranty service of the equipment is 12 months.
Testimonials from more than 2000 doctors
trained from all regions of Russia and other countries. Specialists from more than 25 countries, including those who previously studied ozone therapy in Western Europe, consider that our training program is wide and interesting, and the knowledge gained is deep.
Online consultation
After training, you will be included in the round-the-clock online chat of ozone therapists from around the world.
How is the training going?
View student theory
The program of the theoretical part is here. Teaching materials are provided in electronic form
View student practice
The practical part consists of explaining the methodology and showing the procedures on models
Hold an online conference with teachers at Zoom
Discussion of the course and answers to questions. Teachers and Ozone Therapists Practicing
Final testing of students
Based on the test results, the student is considered to have completed the course
Student inclusion in WhatsApp chat
24/7 chat of ozone therapists and teachers
The student is sent a certificate of completion by post
State Certificate of the Volga Research Medical University
Our teachers
  • Professor
    Oleg Viktorovich Maslennikov
    Head of the ozone therapy course at the Department of New Medical Technologies of the Volga Research Medical University.
    Since 1995, he has been involved in the use of ozone in clinical practice. The author of more than 150 scientific papers, of which 50 are devoted to ozone topics. The author of two inventions, as well as two monographs and two manuals on ozone therapy.
  • Professor
    Klavdia Nikolaevna Kontorshchikova
    Head of the Department of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics, Volga Research Medical University
    Since 1985, he has been studying the mechanisms of the biological effectiveness of ozone. The author of 161 scientific papers, of which 112 are devoted to ozone topics. The author of 12 inventions and 2 discoveries, 6 monographs on ozone therapy.
  • Tatyana
    Dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist, ozone therapist, head doctor of the
    Successful People Center
    Leading theorist and practitioner
    of ozone therapy.

Course cost
1000 euros
  • Video course "Theory of ozone therapy"
  • Video course "Practice of ozone therapy". Theoretical basis.
  • Video course "Practice of ozone therapy". Procedures on models
  • Participation in the online conference Zoom
  • 24/7 WhatsApp Live Chat Support
  • Methodical material throughout the course (in English)
Lecture course and practical training
State Certificate of the Volga Research Medical University
Please note that the official certificate of completion issued by the Volga Research Medical University is a legitimate document for medical licensing!
Training organizer

Center "Successful People" in conjunction with the Volga Research Medical University
Learn ozone therapy today and tomorrow you will receive not only the opportunity to solve the problems of your patients, but also a new source of income!
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